What Are The Best Headboard Alternatives?

What Are The Best Headboard Alternatives?


Tires are a great headboard alternative. Old tires look chic when stacked high and used with a large mirror. Make sure to choose small tires. An old fence can also make a wonderful alternative to a headboard in Dubai. Attach two rails to it and lay it flat on your mattress. Make sure to leave about six inches of space on either side for the mattress. A jute rope can also make a great headboard alternative.

Board and batten shutters:

If you want to add style to your bedroom, consider using a set of Board and Batten Shutters instead of a headboard. These shutters are functional and can also serve as a stylish wall organizer. You can use them to display your favorite art pieces on the wall or hold your keys, sunglasses, or mail. You can even use them to decorate your hallway!

Fabric headboards:

You can always make your own if you don’t want to spend money on a headboard. A few DIY projects will make a headboard from fabric look real. For a more budget-friendly option, consider a picture frame headboard. This can be a great way to add character to your room without breaking the bank. To make a headboard, you can use any inexpensive frame you can find, including an old picture frame.

Wall-mounted artwork:

If you’d like a headboard without the bulk and expense, wall-mounted artwork is an excellent solution. This type of artwork can be a single, large painting, a set of two or three paintings, or even a gallery wall. A triptych painting is a beautiful way to draw attention to the stunning detailing on both sides of the image. If you’d rather not use art, you can opt for floating shelves where you can place personal objects.

Wood fencing:

Consider a wood fence if you want a more rustic look for your headboard. Most home improvement stores can purchase fence panels in various price ranges. Picket fences and unfinished fence panels can be easily found at your local hardware store. There are also many alternatives to wood fencing, such as metal fencing, but be aware that metal can be quite heavy.

For a king-size bed, a 6’x8′ fencing panel will work nicely. You can also use the length of the fence to set up a bedside table. You can purchase fence panels for less than Dh 30 if you find them salvaged. Wooden fence panels are durable and look elegant; they won’t cost a fortune to buy.